Power Balance Bands Conclusion Essay

Published: 2021-09-13 04:05:09
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The intent of this experiment was to one time and for all answer the inquiry. “do the Power Balance Bands genuinely have an consequence on a person’s balance strength and flexibleness or is the whole thing a cozenage? ” The company claims that the these watchbands have a holograph in it and when the holograph comes in contact with your body’s energy field. it allows your organic structure to interact with the natural. good frequence stored within the holograph. ensuing in improved energy flow throughout your organic structure.
But is this true? The original claim for this experiment was that if people are have oning the power balance set while take parting in assorted balance. strength. and flexibleness trials so the set will in fact non hold any consequence on the individuals balance. strength. or flexibleness. The information showed a really little difference between the public presentation of the “fake” and “real” Power Balance Bands. All three trials showed no more than a. 3 % difference between the agencies for both sets.
This experiment was basically an experiment proving the placebo consequence on the usage of the Power Balance Bracelet. The placebo consequence is the mensurable. discernible. or felt betterment in wellness or behaviour non attributable to a medicine or invasive intervention that has been administered. The end was to convert people the “original” Power Balance set really worked. and that the “fake” one didn’t. My consequences showed small to no alteration in public presentation regardless of which band the pupil was have oning.

This observation confirmed my hypothesis that neither set would hold any affect on a person’s public presentation. The systematic mistake in this experiment was that I was non able to prove 50 trials capable. I was merely able to prove 36 which fortunately still allowed me to acquire accurate consequences. The Random mistake in this experiment was that it was hard to mensurate the betterment. or aside of the participants. for both the Balance Test and the Strength Test.
The merely recorded restriction for this experiment was the fact that while executing the Balance and Strength Test if each participant made to 10 seconds while equilibrating they were stopped and had their abilities observed and recorded. The generalizability of the consequences can use to all worlds nevertheless ; this experiment is sole in that it can non be generalized for all other objects. insects. or animate beings. For future waies I would increase the sample size. and besides change the trials so that they can be measured by something other than clip.

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