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Published: 2021-09-11 02:00:10
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I could say there was one person that I admire the most, but truth us there are more than one. One person that comes to mind the most beleive it or not is Angelina Jolie. A celebirty is a funny one to admire... But what i admire of her is the dedication that she has to the causes that are true to her. Now that can mean anything and some people might say that she is just another celebirty in search of recognition. But what I see is someone that has used her celebirty for the betterment of others in ways that are more than superficial.
Unlike Madonna and others she has worked hard and has spent days at a time if not weeks in places like afganistan and Leone for her cause. She has given without condition and as a result of it has given a home to children that otherwise would not have another chance. So I admire her as a true humanitarian. If fame follows her it is truely because we cannot get enough of her and not because she invites it. But the one person that I admire the most my grandmother.
She was a great woman and one that held on in times of turmoil, she taught me to be strong and if I have to cry go ahead. But to keep focused and when I was done feeling sorry for myself get to work on fixing the problem and not dwelling on it. She taught me that no one said life was fair so quit acting like some one said it was and then took it away. Be a woman, and being a woman is expecting respect as well as demanding it. Funny thing, she always said a man's world is always easier than a womans. So if all you have to do is get through a mans world you are home free!!

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