Dome of the Rock

Published: 2021-09-11 01:05:07
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The Dome of the Rock Dennis Stoneman The Dome of the Rock is located in Jerusalem, and is one of the biggest temples in the Islamic religion. It has been a very important spot for thousands of years, and seems that it will remain so for a very long time. Because of the religious beliefs, there are also a lot of conflict that surrounds the temple. Both the Jews and the Muslims lay claim to the site, saying it is the most important spot in their religions. The importance of the rock itself dates back to the very inceptions of the two religions.
Today it is under scrutiny, as to who has actual claim of the area, and of course which religious claim is the true one. The Jews and Muslims have been feuding for centuries, and I don’t see any stop to it any time soon. With all of the claims between the two parties, I have my own theory. The dome itself is covered with 900 gold plates. Some have called the Dome of the Rock a Muslim masterpiece. There are 17 cisterns, each with its own significance, and style.
The Dome of the Rock tells a story about why it is there. One of the most elaborate temples in existence. I think it is very elegant, and distinguished. It took many years for the Dome of the Rock to turn into the magnificent religious structure it is today. The Dome has even undergone several makeovers, has had visitors who are and are not Muslim. At times non Muslims were not permitted. http://www. cyberistan. org/islamic/domerock. htm http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Temple_Mount

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