Comparative and Contrast

Published: 2021-09-10 16:15:08
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Compare and contrast essay How far will you go for the person that you love? This is the question that most mates want to know before they go further with their partner. Different people have different answers and reasons for this question. Even between cupid and psyche & Orpheus and Eurydice. These two Greek stories have the same topic, which is “how far will you go for the person that you love”.
These love stories are different in terms of theme until the story itself. These two stories are actually easy to understand but they have similarities and differences between them. First lets discuss about similarities; they are both a story about love and also how much they love their partner and how far would they go for the person that they love, even if the way how to get back their partner is different but the main topic of the story is still the same.
They did several things to get their partners back, even if in the end of the story is not always them living in the world but still in the end of these stories they went back together. The person who’s trying to get back their partner in these stories also get second chances in completing their journey, they both failed because of curiosity. Both of them are so impatient and curious so that’s the reason why they fail. Even if there’s a lot of similarities already but there are also differences in this story.

Psyche was so curious and that she opened the beauty secret box and by that it made her work wasted, she wasn’t able to give back the box to Aphrodite so she failed while in the other tory Orpheus was able to get Eurydice back but then he was so impatient and curious if Eurydice is still with her or not so she looked back and then Eurydice was sent back to the underworld. There are different gods who impact the story, in the story cupid and psyche Aphrodite is the one who impact the story but in the story Orpheus and Eurydice Hades and Persephone are the two gods who is included.
But above all the way how they get back their partner is the sweetest in the first story Aphrodite gave a lot of things for psyche to do and she really did everything to get cupid back while Orpheus went to the underworld to get Eurydice back, these two jobs that they did is very tiring and it needs a lot of efforts but they still do it for their partners just to get them back. Between the two stories, it shows how some people actually care so much about their partner and even the would do the hardest job that could be possible just to get them back.

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