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Published: 2021-09-10 16:50:09
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Emphasis on customer service Mcdonald strongly believe in 3F Motto , Fun – Provide an enjoyable working environment for their employees Firm- Stay firm on doing the right thing for customers Fair- nurture an open and honest work culture based on integrity , teamwork and respect for each other . Based on this 3F , Mcdonland strongly emphasizes the voice of the customer,. They created multiple channels to listen to customers these channels cover brand health evolve product offerings catering to customer’s needs
Listening and engaging to customers is central to Mcdonald . They always put customer in the driver’s seat by listening, engaging and building relationship with them For example they provide variety of party services tailored for different groups of customers. To further engage with loyal customers they have launched two loyalty clubs, the mother’s club and McFun Club with special membership. Burger King is a fast food restaurant, but the walk route is a mid-range price, to create a restaurant-style dining experience.
In addition to focusing on the quality of food, they keep try to create a sense of comfort, The way in which Burger King advertise its process of preparing Hamburgers “Flame Broiled’ instead of grill that fry, gives the buyer the satisfaction of buying a healthy steak (Hamburger). This not only ensure patronage but make the targeted market group feels good about the product. This later way of operation has been popularized with the term “have it your way “theme. It makes those who patronize this hamburger feels they are eating exactly the type of hamburgers they preferred.

This not only work in terms of its strategy to gain market share but it also make younger generation identify with the product as young adolescence wants to have a feel they are making their own decision on what to eat instead of Mummy have them it her choice of food. Mc donland give us first feeling is warmth, fast and save time the set menu that the designed and packed are very easy to attract people attention . McDonald’s, for instance, has worked to portray itself as a healthier, hip place to eat, offering wireless access in restaurants, updating decor and introducing smoothies, oatmeal and yogurt parfaits.

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