Bill Gates & Steven Jobs

Published: 2021-09-10 06:45:09
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Bill Gates & Steven Jobs The technology term today is growing rapidly in hi competitor between different companies, and between different company leaders, and in this essay I will compare two famous people in this field. These two famous persons are Bill Gats Steven Jobs . However, Gates and Stevens share some surprising similarities. Some of you may think that because Gates and Jobs work at the same field; which is technology. These two persons are similar because of three main reasons, they have the same characteristic, the same education situation, and the same failed of the job.
One major similarity of these two persons is the special characteristics that they have. For example, both Steven Jobs and Bill Gates are intelligent innovative thinkers who have always new things to show and give to the world, and also both of them are known as the best-known entrepreneur of the personal computer revolution in the modern age. Moreover, Bill Gates has this energetic spirit which spread to cover all the people who are surrounding him, and also Steven Job had this special thing which admires the others and encourages them. Therefore, because of these special qualities that they both have they become famous and popular.
Another similarity between Gates and Steven is the situation that they both had in their education. They both had been dropped from the college and then they complete studying by their self. Actually, Bill Gates had been dropped from Harvard University because he had some problems in studying in the sophomore year. On the other hand, Steven Jobs had been dropped from Reed University because he had some problems in covering the tuition fees. Moreover, Steven Jobs and Bill Gates have big similarity because of the same field that the both work in which is technology.

To illustrate, Steven Jobs worked at Apple, and he is the best known as co- founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. In contrast, Bill Gates is the best known chairman of Microsoft company , and everybody know well that these two companies are the greatest in technology From the information given, we can say that these two persons are the largest contributors of the modern technology revolution. Also, we can infer that there a lot of similarities between them which represented in characteristic, education, and the field of job. Therefore, these people perpetuate their names for their big achievements that they did.

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